Geyer (1 of 34)Hello and welcome to The Hungry Oenophile!  If you are looking for fancy meals that take hours to prepare and require a dozen different cooking gadgets, you have come to the wrong site.  If you are looking for recommendations for expensive wines and pairing suggestions for snooty foods, you are in the wrong place!

As a busy mom and full-time professional, I don’t have time for marathon meals in the kitchen and I certainly don’t have the budget for $100 pretentious bottles of wine.  What I do have is a passion for delicious and simple foods, helpful kitchen tools that save time and effort, and a sincere love of wine and anything that makes tasting wine more fun…as if I need a reason to drink wine!

My name is Kelly Lynn Brogdon Geyer.  I was raised in southern California where I stayed for over 25 years.  I moved to central Connecticut in 2006 where I currently reside with my family.  I met my husband on an online dating site of all places (eeeeks!  I know!).  I don’t know if I was simply mesmerized by Markus’ piercing blue eyes, his strong hands, or his sexy Austrian accent but there was no doubt in my mind after that first dinner date that I would be his wife.  As usual (*wink wink*), I was right and we were married 2 years later in July 2014.  I have one son from my previous marriage.  Gavin is my “mini me” with my eyes, nose and hair.  He constantly amazes me with his unique thought processes and athletic abilities.  He is much more subdued and quiet than his little brother!  Maximilian graced us with his presence in 2015 and he has kept the rest of us laughing hysterically ever since.  He got his daddy’s blue eyes and blonde hair and his silly personality from mommy and daddy.

I set up this site as a way to share my favorite recipes, best kitchen toys for cooking and wine tasting, and useful wine tips and tricks.  If you are looking for me to tell you which Pinot Gris pairs well with foie gras, you are going to be disappointed.  But if you are trying to figure out which wine pairs well with those Girl Scout cookies you just purchased at the grocery store or which type of wine tastes wonderful with pizza, your search is over!